The Rhythm of the City

Levon, 65, who is roller-skating across capital Yerevan, is an inspiration for the city residents
Levon Abgaryan, 65, is known in Yerevan for his love of roller-skating. He can often be seen on the Northern Avenue and skating amidst the moving automobiles.
Back in the Soviet times Levon specialized in earthquake engineering, but in late 1980s, as the Iron Curtain fell, he moved to New York.

"No one loved the times I lived in – the days under communists. But those were wonderful times, particularly if you compare them to our days. But I wanted to be on my own and to be free, which is why I left the USSR," Levon recalls.

Levon says the 16 years in the US were happy times, which gave him both feeling of freedom and material safety. But people there would oftentimes miss the sense of true happiness, he says.

"Humans are born as they are; unfortunately, though, people bend under social pressures and think money is able to make them happy or bring joy to them. I have known too many wealthy people, who were unhappy. You are wealthy when you have the feeling of fulfillment; you are happy, if your passion for life doesn't fade away," Levon Abgaryan believes.

Levon returned to Armenia following his mother's death.

Today he is one of those people, who set the rhythm of the city.
The Rhythm of the City