The Brew Lab

The girls from Yerevan try their best to cheer up residents of Dilijan with a cup of strong coffee and nettle pesto.
Hermine Virabyan

In 2016, Ani Harutyunyan and Mariam Minasyan, then 28 and 24 respectively, made up their minds to move to Dilijan bargaining the dynamic life in the capital for a settled one in Dilijan to realize a dream they had cherished for the most part of their lives to open a coffee brewery of their own.

The idea to transform an old butcher's shop in Dilijan into a coffee brewery in a somewhat unexpected format had never occurred to anyone before them. The girls say the Brew Lab, just like some other new cafes liven up the town life. An art critic and an economist by formal education, the girls have chosen a different path for themselves, although the knowledge they obtained in the university proves handy to run a business.

The residents of the town willingly share with the girls what they know about the herbs and greens traditionally used in local cuisine and Ani enjoys improvising with tastes offering her interpretation of nettle pesto. The locals are slow in getting used to the new place, while the tourists have made it a favorite.
Caffeine Brew Lab
video: Hermine Virabyan